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  • Product Model : NTPF100
  • Version
    • R3.70
      • The first ExaOPC version which is able to Connect to CENTUM VP R5 (R5.01)
      • Requires .NET framework 3.5 SP1
    • R.3.70.10
      • Some hot fixes for 3.7
    • R3.71
      • Able to connect to Centum VP R5.02
  • Capacity / Limitations
    • In general, 2000 Item ID’s per second
    • image_thumb7
  • PC Specifications
    • image_thumb9
  • Supported CENTUM
    • image_thumb14
  • Supported Windows
    • image_thumb311111
  • OPC Specifications
    • DA 2.0
    • AE 1.10
    • HDA 1.2
  • Program Component
    • ExaOPC Server Monitor
    • ExaOPC Setup
    • ExaOP Station Viewer
    • OPC Connection Confirm
    • ExaOPC Server Monitor
      • Only available in R3.21 and later
      • Tabs
        • Server Information
          • Number of Item ID
            • This is the number of items registered in the ExaOPC Server. This number will depend on the Tag Dowload.
          • Device Read Data
          • Device Cache Data
          • Write Data
          • Total Data Access
          • Throughput Maximum
          • Screenshot
            • image_thumb161
        • OPC Server Log
        • Number of ItemID
          • Screenshot
            • image_thumb18
        • Number of Data Access
          • Screenshot
            • image_thumb201
  • Troubleshooting
    • Ask
      • Were thre any system changes to the ExaOPC Server?
      • IT Security Model between CENTUM and EXAOPC Needs to match
      • Run PMCDUmpWiz tool
        • C:\Exa\PKGCOM\tool\PMCDumpWiz.exe
        • Output archive can be any zip file
      • Database version on EXAOPC. This is because if ExaOPC is upgraded, the Database version is an older type
      • Check CENTUM and EXA Username and Password, it must match HISENG
      • Can EXAOPC Browse HISENG CS1000PJT folder?
      • Can Ping?
    • Logs
      • Windows Logs
      • ExaOPC Server Monitor Logs on the DA branch
      • HistView Logs
        • C:\Exa\CENTUM\Program\BKHHistView.exe
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