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Open-Plant includes a powerful Analytics Engine, available FREE

After installaing Open-Plant, an Analytics engine can be configured from the Open-Plant client. The configuration is done by creating scripts. The engine provides a set of functions to perform analysis on empirical data. It is based on C#, the most popular enterprise programming language.

Open-Plant Analytics can run simple calculations such as a moving average, or complex one such as a laplace transform.

See the case studies below.

Case Studies

Open-Plant Analytics increases production by improving equipment reliability

Every plant will have key equipment that are vital to plant production (E.g. compressors, pumps, reactors and etc). Downtime or underperformance of these equipment will results in massive production losses. Improving and optimizing these equipment, on the other hand, increases production. Most of these equipment have specialist personnel which rigorously monitors them, typically by manual inspection recorded in spread sheets.
Predictive maintenance
Open-Plant Analytics is used to program an advance monitoring routine for a predictive maintenance program. A mobile app is provided for operators to key in visual inspection results to Open-Plant. Combined with the analytics, an accurate performance or diagnostic parameter is produced. The results of these monitoring can be sent to SCADA/DCS as real time operator indicators or via SMS/Email to relevent personnel.
Onsite data entry for inspections

Improving instrumentation minimizes product quality give aways

Certain Instruments (such as analysers) are used to control the quality of a product. Before any product is sold, it needs to meet a specific standard set by the buyer. For example, Petrol needs to meet a specific RON Number (e.g. RON 91, RON 95, etc). Because of the fear of not meeting the buyer's specs, a higher quality is usually produced. For example, a RON 91 petrol may be produced at RON 91.05 to ensure compliance. This extra '0.05' RON is a free product give away. It is a waste and a cost to the plant. Studies have shown that typical plants waste about 0.1% in product give aways. Minimizing this value usually translates to thousands of dollars in waste minimization.
Product quality give away
Studies have shown that typical plants wastes about 0.1% in product give aways
Open-Plant is used to constantly monitor critical instrument parameters for abnormal behaviors (such as abnormal fluctuations, first order correllation and etc). When such occur, Open-Plant alerts maintenance operatives (via email or sms) so they react immediately.
Predictive analytics improves operators confidence on instruments, thus allowing them to better minimize product give aways

Daewoo improves operational safety using Open-Plant's Analytics

Korean based construction company Daewoo needed to improve operational safety for their tunnel boring operations. Unfortunate incidents such as ground collapse is the undesired result of over excavation during tunnel boring operations.
Ground Collapse: A nightmare for tunnel boring operations
One of the problem they had was the lack of real time calculations for crucial operating parameters. Calculations were done manually at an infrequent interval. Engineers believed these calculations cannot be automated as they were too complex.
Open-Plant was able to perform these complex calculations
Open-Plant was able to perform these complex calculations. The direct result was a realtime prediction of a safe envelope for excavation. With this, tunnel operators were able to monitor actual excavation vs the excavation limit in realtime, ensuring the limit is never hit and unfortunate incidents such as ground collapse never occurs.
Open-Plant Analytics used by Daewoo to improve safety
Part of the complexity was the need to have manual input to some of the calculations. Using the Open-Plant APIs, a desktop application was developed to allow manual data entry. 

Open-Plant's ability to accept manual input allowed a seemingly impossible to automate analytic possible. With this, the system was very reliable and practical to engineers.
Open-Plant's ability to accept manual input allowed a seemingly impossible to automate analytic possible
Open-Plant's manual input

Expert systems powered by Open-Plant Analytics improves operations & reduces startup delays

Every delay in mission critical operations (such as a plant startup) translates to thousands of dollars in production lost. Most of these operations are very complicated and an inexperienced operator may struggle.
What’s preventing the plant start-up?
Open-Plant Analytics is used as a platform for an expert system. The expert system's role is simple. It sits side by side by the operators telling them what to do next. What's preventing the start-up? Which equipment is not working? Time is critical. Every hour translates to thousands of dollars.
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be digitalized into a live expert system
Open-Plant is a revolutionary Industrial IOT Platform software, used to create and deploy Industrial IT apps/solutions. It is an all-encompassing solution offering both back-end and front-end components i.e. the full stack. From our user's experience, creating and deploying Industrial IT apps became 10x faster and 10x less cost. We serve the mining, energy, oil & gas, construction and manufacturing industry. 


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