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A standard pc running Open-Plant can easily serve 100,000 Tags per second

Typical sites have about 10,000 tags. This is no problem for Open-Plant. From out testing, we found that a standard 4 core 8 GB RAM workstation pc with an SSD drive could easily run Open-Plant serving 100,000 tags per second. An Industrial sized server could do even more.

(Note: This test was done using the InfluxDB Database)

Unlike other IoT Platforms, Open-Plant prioritizes data read over data write speed

Some IoT Platforms boast data insertion (write to database) speeds of up to 500,000 tags per second. However, the resulting performance takes a toll on the system's read speed. How long does it take to load a chart which has days of data? For Open-Plant, such actions takes a matter of a few seconds.

Open-Plant uses MySqlDatabase, our commitment to simplicity.

Open-Plant by default runs on MariaDB, a MySql version, included together with the installer. Open-Plant can run on MySql too but we prefer MariaDB due to it's smaller program size and better performance. Why did we choose MySql? It's because it's simple. Every programmer knows it. It's the world's most popular database and we like to keep things simple. 
Open-Plant is a revolutionary Industrial IOT Platform software, used to create and deploy Industrial IT apps/solutions. It is an all-encompassing solution offering both back-end and front-end components i.e. the full stack. From our user's experience, creating and deploying Industrial IT apps became 10x faster and 10x less cost. We serve the mining, energy, oil & gas, construction and manufacturing industry. 


Perth, Australia