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System Overview

Open-Plant Connectors grab data from Plant

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DotNet & Web


Open-Plant stores data, runs analytics, and host APIs

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Web APIs

Integration with

MS Excel

Open-Plant shows data in it's visualization suite, provides APIs and integrates with MS Excel

Open-Plant can be installed on any windows OS machine.

Once downloaded, Installation is as easy as 3-clicks. Open-Plant can be installed on any windows machine (Minimum windows server 2008 / windows 7).
Open-Plant Installation Wizard

Once installed, the back end components runs as a windows service

The back end components are the primary component of Open-Plant. The back end runs as a windows service (The 'Open-Plant Connector' service and the 'Open-Plant Server service'). Even if Open-Plant (client) is closed, the services still run in the background. 
Open-Plant running as a Windows service

Launch Open-Plant to configure open-plant components.  

Open-plant is launched like any typical windows program. Once launched, a login is provided to control access to Open-Plant. The default 'Administrator' password is '' (Empty).
Launching Open-Plant from Windows menu/shortcut
Login page when Open-Plant first starts

Open-Plant Components

Back End

Grabs data from sensors
Stores tags and data
Generate KPIs

Front End

Web APIs
Create Industrial Apps
Open-Plant Historian
Excel Addin

1) Connector

The Open-Plant Connector component grabs data from various plant instruments/sensors using standard industrial communication protocols such as Modbus and OPC. The Connector is light weight and can be installed separately on any PC. Open-Plant can have more than one connectors connected to it.

The Connector is available for FREE in all Open-Plant versions. There is no license on the Connector or any number of connectors. Also there are no limit on the number of Tags on the connector. The Connector does not have any license restrictions. The license restrictions are applied on the Open-Plant server.
Open-Plant Connector configuring OPC connection
The Open-Plant Connector sends data obtained from plant instruments/sensors to Open-Plant. Communication between the Open-Plant Connector and Open-Plant are secured and encrypted. A buffering mechanism also exist. In the event when connection is lost, data will be buffered on the Connector. When connection is re-established, the buffered data wil be sent through, ensuring no data is lost from the system.
Open-Plant Connector configurating connection to Open-Plant (Server)

2) Database

Data obtained from the Connector is stored in a database as individual tag tables. Open-Plant by default uses MariaDB (A MySql version). Alternatively InfluxDB can be used on the enterprise version.  

For the MariaDB database, data can be processed up to 3000 point per second. Meaning if each tags sends data every second, MariaDB can only handle up to 3000 tags. MariaDB is available on all versions (including the free version).

InfluxDB on the other hand is able to handle up to 100,000 Tags every second on a 4 Core 8GB Ram machine. This value can be extended on more powerful hardware. InfluxDB is only available on the Enterprise version of Open-Plant.
Open-Plant Tags Configuration

3) Analytics

Users can perform calculation and analysis of the data in the Database using the Open-Plant Analytics Module. The Analytic executions can be scheduled to run periodically in the background. Analytics are setup using a C# scripting language, called OPScript (Short for Open-Plant Script). The result of the analytics typically generate new tags. 

For example, an analytic script can average the total flow of a flow meter per day. This output can be sent to a new 'Average Flow' tag. 

The Analytics module is available on all Open-Plant Versions (Including the free version).
Open-Plant Analytics' C# Script Configuration

4) Web APIs

Output from the analytics and database can be accessed via secure APIs. Open-Plant provides a REST Web APIs. With this, any programmer with no industrial background can create web, mobile or desktop apps. 

Below are examples of apps developed using the API Libraries.

API access is available on all Open-Plant Versions (Including the free version).

5) Charts

Data in Open-Plant can be be viewed from the Open-Plant Historian.
The Historian is available in all Open-Plant Versions (Including the free version)
Open-Plant Historian

6) Excel Integration

Open-Plant provides an Excel Addin to allow seamless integration with Microsoft Excel. Within Microsoft Excel, data can be browsed and obtained easily.
Excel Addin in Action
One-Click Excel Addin Installation
Open-Plant is a revolutionary Industrial IOT Platform software, used to create and deploy Industrial IT apps/solutions. It is an all-encompassing solution offering both back-end and front-end components i.e. the full stack. From our user's experience, creating and deploying Industrial IT apps became 10x faster and 10x less cost. We serve the mining, energy, oil & gas, construction and manufacturing industry. 


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