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Flame Scanners

  • Flame scanners are used to detect whether a flame exists on a boiler
  • Flame scanners are either
    • UV
      • Typically used for fuel gas applications
    • IR
      • Typically used for fuel oil/ coal fired applications
    • Combination of UV/IR
      • Most accurate
      • Expensive
    • Selection of UV/IR depends on the type of ray emitted during combustion process
  • Flame scanners are typically powered by 24Vdc power supply.
  • The old type flame scanner will normally come with a split rack panel which can accommodate several flame scanner cards. They are:
    • Amplifier card
      • Monitor flames, amplifier card, old technology,
      • Scanner just detects radiation,
      • 1 amplifier is for 1 scanner
      • Some amplifiers have the option for 2 flame scanner connectivity to provide redundancy. I.e. 2 flame scanners can be connected to an amplifier card and declared as redundant to each other. A simple PLC logic can exist in the amplifier card
      • Converts the signal to 4-20mA or relay output if require
    • Power supply card
      • Multi voltage, accept both 110VAC, 240VAC and changes it to 24V
      • Gives a stable voltage since AC currents may effect reading
      • 1 supply card will power multiple 24vdc flame scanners and amplifier cards
  • Picture below shows a burner and flame scanners
    • clip_image002[9]
  • Picture of Flame scanner rack for old technology flame scanner where the amplifier and power supply cards are separate. Picture on right is flame amplifier
  • clip_image002[11]


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