Microsoft Office Excel Integration

Open-Plant Excel Addin

Studies show that 67.5% of plant engineers can't perform day-to-day jobs without Microsoft Excel.

In any field of engineering, whether it's civil, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, chemical, process, and etc, Microsoft Excel has been the dominant engineering and reporting tool for decades.

For this reason, Open-Plant includes an 'Excel Addin' which is a basic feature of Open-Plant. The Open-Plant Excel addin supports Microsoft Excel 2007 and above.
(The stats above was derived from a study conducted by CSU in conjuntion with Engineers Australia)

Easy 3-Step Setup


Launch Setup Excel Addin

After installing Open-Plant, from the Windows Start menu, select 'Setup Excel Add-In'
Excel Add-In in Windows Start Menu


Click 'Click to Auto Install'

On the 'Auto Install' tab, click on 'Click to Auto Install'. This automatically installs the Excel Add-In to MS Excel.
Excel Add-In Setup Window


Setup Open-Plant Login

Click on the 'Setup Login' tab and type in your connection details to Open-Plant. Click 'Save'. You may test connection to check if it connects to Open-Plant.
Excel Add-In Login Window

Excel Add-In ready to go!

Open-Plant Excel Add-In Ribbon

Excel Add-In basic functions


Gets the current value of a tag.

Usage examples:
//This gets the most recent value

//This gets the value at a specific date/time
=OPValue("FIC101.Value","2019-11-27 16:50")
=OPValue("FIC101.Value","2019-11-27 16:50:32")

//This gets the value at D3
//D3 is another cell with a Date/Time Value

//This gets the value base on current time


Gets the live value of a tag which refreshes every 2 seconds.

Usage example:


OPNow() is an important function as it gets the current date and time, which is typically used when generating reports. Due to the volatility of Excel's built it Now() function, it is not suitable to be used together with other Open-Plant Excel functions. Use OPNow() instead.

The value of OPNow() can be refreshed by clicking on the 'Refresh' button or by pressing 'Ctrl + R'
OPNow() fixes the common problem with Excel's Now() function
Usage example:

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