An Industrial IOT Platform


Non-Windows OS Detected
Open-Plant only installs on Microsoft Windows
(Minimum Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008)


Open-Plant Full Version

Latest Version: 1.3.35
Open-Plant is the world's most SIMPLE Industrial IoT Platform. Typically installed on Windows Server, Open-Plant connects to plant datasources (such as instrument, alarms, event, ERP, CMMS and any systtems), perform data analytics and host API Libraries to create apps. Open-Plant FREE Version generaously supports up to 250 tags. Open-Plant can be installed on premise or on the cloud.
ATTENTION for those behind corporate network
We have had several complaints of people unable to download or install Open-Plant when they are behind their corporate network. This is due to policy/rules set by their ICT.

If you are unable to download
Please try downloading from your home network. If it's not possible, please disable antivirus and try use a VPN. You can also email us so we can send a special download link to you directly.

If you are unable to install
Some users have had success following this guide. Regardless, we advise it's best that you speak to your corporate ICT before installing on your corporate machines.

Other Downloads



(For Cloud/Remote)

This installs the Open-Plant Client ONLY. Install this is you want to connect to Open-Plant from your desktop.



(For connecting data)

This installs the Open-Plant Connector ONLY. Use this to install the connector on another machine (typically on a machine as close as possible to the datasource (such as sensors, instruments, alarms, events, erp systems and etc). It can then be configure to remotely connect to the Open-Plant.


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Open-Plant is a revolutionary Industrial IOT Platform software, used to create and deploy Industrial IT apps/solutions. It is an all-encompassing solution offering both back-end and front-end components i.e. the full stack. From our user's experience, creating and deploying Industrial IT apps became 10x faster and 10x less cost. We serve the mining, energy, oil & gas, construction and manufacturing industry. 


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