An Industrial IOT Platform



Bridging the gap between IT and OT (Operational Technology)

Open-Plant is designed to be the platform for creating modern apps for the industrial world. For this reason, it provides OPScript, a comprehensive analytics language. Short for Open-Plant Script, OPScript is used to power the Open-Plant Analytics Engine.

Learn more about OPScript here.

A comprehensive Web API Library

Upon installation, Open-Plant hosts a comprehensive Web API Library locally on port 33171 for Http and port 33170 for Secure Https. The library allows the manipulation of tag properties, reading and writing data, updating users, and many more. You can also write customs Web APIs using OPScript.

Learn more about the Web APIs here.
Open-Plant is a revolutionary Industrial IOT Platform software, used to create and deploy Industrial IT apps/solutions. It is an all-encompassing solution offering both back-end and front-end components i.e. the full stack. From our user's experience, creating and deploying Industrial IT apps became 10x faster and 10x less cost. We serve the mining, energy, oil & gas, construction and manufacturing industry. 


Perth, Australia